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Cochlear Implant Product Support Application

Please read the following carefully before submitting your application:

The Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fund is committed to helping as many cochlear implant recipients as possible. For that reason, we have outlined the following pre-qualifying conditions that must be met in order to apply to us for product support.
* In order to maximize the reach of our donor contributions, we require applicants to seek funding through their private insurance, Medicare, and or Medicaid before applying to us.
    • Our product request program is for those who already have a cochlear implant. We do not fund the initial cochlear implant surgery.
    • For lost or stolen sound processors: if the recipient has utilized Cochlear America’s one-time loss/theft replacement within the past 5 years, they are not eligible for our product support.
    • Sound Processor Upgrades: JLCIF does not cover sound processor upgrades for products that have not been made obsolete by the manufacturer. For example, we do not provide upgrades from Nucleus 7 to Nucleus 8 or Kanso 2.
    • JLCIF has a collaboration with Cochlear Americas, so we will coordinate with them to find the best solution.
    • At this time, we are only accepting requests from within the United States.
Only fully completed forms will be accepted and reviewed. Please provide as much detailed information as possible. This will expedite the review proce
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