We are beyond excited to announce that Lou Ferrigno, is going to be part of our Dec 3 JLCIF fundraiser event!!
Did you know that Lou Ferrigno, aka the original Incredible Hulk, started lifting weights in order to defend himself from bullies?
Lou lost about 75-80% of his hearing at the age of 3 due to an ear infection, and at the age of 4 was fitted with his first hearing aids. He was bullied for his visible body-worn hearing aid and not being able to speak clearly.
Lou is a recent cochlear implant recipient and it has changed his life in multiple ways. His story is one of sheer perseverance.
Come join us!
Additional special guests to be announced soon!
GET YOUR TICKETS HERE: https://givebutter.com/HAXUCF
* 100% of the proceeds go towards helping uninsured and underinsured cochlear implant recipients in the U.S. with their ongoing external sound processor equipment costs so that they can remain part of the hearing world. A person’s ability to hear shouldn’t depend on their ability to pay.