3 Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Hearing Health (and steps you can take right now). 

Give Support

Help us ensure no cochlear implant recipient is without sound and support they need to thrive in a hearing world.

Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fund will utilize donations in the following ways:

  • Providing life and confidence coaching to cochlear implant recipients who request these services
  • Provide critical external equipment to keep cochlear implant recipients “on the air” with hearing. This includes:
    • Batteries
    • Cable coils
    • Accessories that provide even better hearing clarity for the telephone, computer, and TV
    • Sound processor repair & replacement
  • Operational expenses associated with running and growing the fund (no more than 10% of our total budget)

Any and all donation amounts will help us achieve our goals.

Cochlear implant components are sophisticated technologies, and therefore expensive. After all, they enable people who would otherwise be deaf to hear!

Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not cover these ongoing costs. The average costs of using disposable batteries is $240+ per year, for each ear, and the cost to replace a rechargeable battery is $250+. A typical sound processor repair can cost an average of $750 each. Replacement parts to keep a sound processor functioning can range from $99 to more than $500. A new or upgraded sound processor costs over $6,000.

We understand that there are many competing organizations to donate to, but consider for a moment what life would be like without being able to hear. Without being able to communicate and connect with others. Imagine not being able to hear your favorite sounds. Please help us to ensure that no cochlear implant recipient has experience life without those sounds.

Donor Promise: 

Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fund has built-in a rigorous application review process to ensure your donation is utilized exactly as you intended. No monetary funds will be given directly to the recipients.

JLCIF will be working directly with the cochlear implant manufacturer’s to pay for the requested equipment, which will then be shipped directly to the recipient or their cochlear implant center (sound processors only).

Regarding cochlear implant equipment: these devices are so specialized that all equipment is registered through the cochlear implant manufacturer’s for the duration of the recipient’s lifetime. 


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