Lou Ferrigno, aka the original Incredible Hulk, shares his experience with getting a cochlear implant and his support for Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fund.

The Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fund is thrilled to announce our endorsement by Hollywood legend and life-long philanthropist, Ruta Lee!
Ruta has been a major force behind The Thalians foundation for over 60 years.
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Podcast Interviews of our Founder/Executive Director

Episode 079 | Runs on Batteries! | See Beneath Your Beautiful

Angela Irwin, MBA, runs on batteries! She’s overcome losing her hearing starting in childhood and is now a coach, TEDx speaker, trainer, and the founder of Joyful Life Solutions which specializes in helping others overcome their negative self-beliefs.
During the pandemic, Angela founded the Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fund ( to help ensure her fellow cochlear implant recipients keep their external devices working.

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EP 27 | Choosing a Joyful Life with Angela Irwin | The Healthy Perspective Podcast


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Break the Chain, Find Your Flame podcast: Episode #62 Angela Irwin: Runs on Batteries

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The Kaizen Women interview of Angela Irwin, JLCIF’s Founder & Executive Director.

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Dec 4, 2020

Read about JLCIF and founder Angela Irwin’s story on the Cochlear Americas Hear And Now blog.