3 Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Hearing Health (and steps you can take right now). 

Give the gift of hearing!

At Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fund, we believe a person’s ability to hear should not depend on their ability to pay.

Ensure all cochlear implant recipients have support & working equipment in order to thrive in their daily lives by making a donation now.

THANK YOU to all who came out and donated to our Nice, France event!

The Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fund is thrilled to announce our endorsement by Hollywood legend and life-long philanthropist, Ruta Lee!
Ruta has been a major force behind The Thalians foundation for over 60 years.
Watch Ruta’s message here.❤️

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We offer a variety of services to ensure cochlear implant recipients are supported in all ways to achieve the best hearing results and reach their full potential.


Your donation ensures cochlear implant recipients have access to the necessary equipment for maximum hearing benefit, as well as support for healthy self-esteem and self-acceptance in order to achieve their full potential.

Cochlear implant recipients straddle two worlds: the deaf and hearing worlds. When wearing their external sound processor(s), they are part of the hearing world. They build their lives around this world–going to school, work, communicating with friends and family, enjoying TV, movies, the telephone and music. This also includes having awareness of sounds around them for enjoyment and safety. All the things normal hearing people do and experience.
Without their sound processors, they are clinically deaf.
Unable to participate in the hearing world they have built their lives around.
Most people do not realize that there are ongoing, lifetime costs associated with keeping the external sound processors operating in order for cochlear implant recipients to participate in the hearing world. Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not cover these ongoing costs. The average costs of using disposable batteries is $240+ per year, for each ear, and the cost to replace a rechargeable battery is $250+. A typical sound processor repair can cost an average of $750 each. Replacement parts to keep a sound processor functioning can range from $99 to more than $500. A new or upgraded sound processor costs over $10,000.
Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fund is dedicated to ensuring all cochlear implant recipients have ongoing access to the equipment they need in order to continue thriving in the hearing world.
Your donation will ensure cochlear implant recipients are not separated from life in the hearing world. In fact, it will ensure they thrive!
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